Vastech High Brightness 24VDC Flexible RGB LED Light Sheet


  • Lightweight, ultra-thin, and evenly bright
  • Easy to cut with the printed lines
  • Can be cut vertically or horizontally, and fit to any shape and size
  • Very flexible, and appropriate for flat or curved surfaces
  • Quick connectors and multiple connection directions
  • Suitable for large area lighting
  • Screws and 3M adhesive tapes are included for easy and secure installation



SKU# VLP-RGB-4040-24
Input Voltage 24VDC
Output Power 29 Watts Per Sheet
Single Sheet  Size (LxWxH) 480x480x8(mm)
Minimum Cut Area 80×53.3(mm)
LED Quantity 162 pcs
Beam Angle 120°
Brightness R+B+G 962 Lumens Per Sheet
Type of LEDs SMD RGB
Wavelengths 615-630 (Red)
515-530 (Green)
460-470 (Blue)
Max Run 4 sheets
Ambient Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Mounting Method 3M adhesive or screws
Usable life 50,000 hours
Certification and Standard Rohs, UL (E518306)
Warranty 4 years

Vastech’s flexible LED light sheets are the perfect choice for the large area lighting of backlighting graphic boxes, signage, retail stores, offices, columns, walls, ceilings, and more. It provides uniform and even lighting with a high LED density of 162 LEDs per 480Lx240W mm (18.89Lx9.44W inches).

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